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Footstools and ottomans: the dynamic duo that adds a dash of comfort and personality to your living space. Footstools are the reliable companions, always ready to provide a comfy footrest or an extra seat during gatherings. Ottomans, on the other hand, are the trendsetters, boasting eye-catching designs and sumptuous upholstery that elevate the aesthetic of your room. Our footstools and ottomans merge function and fashion to create a truly charismatic space.


Fortunately, most of our footstools and ottomans come with an equally excellent sofa to match. Does the Demi Ottoman catch your eye? Great news, we’ve got the Demi 3 Seater to help complete the look. Check out our range of sofas to mix and match with the ottoman or footstool of your choice.


We have an extraordinary range that solves every design struggle you may face. From special occasions to spontaneous home makeovers, our range guarantees that each room in your home receives the utmost care and attention. Discover the limitless possibilities and redefine your living space with our unmatched selection.