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Congratulations on your new piece!

Hunter Home not only delivers contemporary style, comfort, and outstanding quality that you can depend on, but also has a dedicated Design Services team ready to help you with styling your new piece to suit your home/space if needed.

Rest assured that your Hunter Home furniture comes with an industry leading warranty if there are any issues which arise. Please take the time to read our guide with care instructions and warranty information. In it you can find essential information about how to care for each type of product (including leather care and furniture care), how to handle spots and spills, and more!

To learn more about how to care for your new furniture piece, take a look at our new Furniture Care Guide here.

How do I look after my fabric lounge suite?

To care for your fabric lounge suite, regular dusting, vacuuming and cleaning are essential. Follow the cleaning code on your furniture tag, vacuum weekly, avoid direct sunlight, and promptly clean spills using recommended products. Be aware of sharp edges on clothing and accessories, as these can damage your furniture

You can have your fabric lounge suite treated with Super Shield, which forms an invisible barrier in and around the fabric pile, preventing spills and spoil from being absorbed into the fabric and possibly causing permanent staining and damage.  

Fabrics fade over time, but our staff can advise on durable options and fading management techniques. The best way to prevent fading is to manage the process. Regularly rotate cushions, ensure windows are adequately covered (or tinted), and rotate furniture around the room to limit fading.

Pilling is normal in woven fabrics, and can be removed with a battery-operated tool. 

How do I look after my leather lounge suite?

For leather care, wipe weekly with a damp cloth to remove dust and grime.  Hunter Home offers a range of specialized cleaning and conditioning products, and our staff can advise on long-term care.  Clean and condition every 3-4 months, paying attention to body contact areas.  Avoid direct sunlight, and sharp edges. For spills, blot immediately and avoid harsh chemicals.  

A note about medications - If leather furniture is used constantly by individuals on some medications, including but not limited to, chemotherapy, blood pressure and heart medications, extra care should be taken to protect leather surfaces from direct skin contact as the chemistry in these medications may react with and damage the leather finish. Headrest covers and arm protectors are advisable.

Proper care ensures years of enjoyment, embracing the natural variations in leather. As leather is a natural product, there may be variations in grain and texture. Vein and scar marks may also be visible. None of these are cause for concern - they only add to the authenticity and natural characteristics of leather. Follow care label instructions for specific cleaning procedures.