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Your outdoors just got a whole lot greater with our fantastic outdoor furniture range. We're talking about pieces that turn your backyard into a spot as cosy and welcoming as your lounge. Our collection of outdoor sofas, suites, chairs, tables and more brings that same Hunter Home charm to your al fresco adventures. 


Get ready for lounging sessions that could rival your comfiest indoor sofa. Our outdoor suites and sofas are letting you build the perfect outdoor setup, because your outdoor space should be as unique as you are. Inspired by Mediterranean design and 60s nostalgia, our wood and rattan lounge suites are built to last, both in terms of style and durability. 


Our outdoor chairs are also here to add charm to your space. Our armchairs have a strong resistance to the elements with frames and cushioning that are built to increase longevity and resist corrosion. You can also rest assured that this longevity extends to the stylishness of our outdoor chairs. With multiple colourways and an enduring Mediterranean design, our outdoor armchairs lend themselves to a classic style that’ll never let you down.  


Tables, anyone? We’ve got those too. Whether you're into cosy coffee catchups or grand garden gatherings, we've got the perfect table for you. If you’re looking for a large outdoor dining table that can host nostalgic family gatherings, the Crete Outdoor Large Dining Table is the perfect fit for you. Or if you’re after an outdoor coffee table perfect for soaking up the sun with a warm brew, our range of wooden or cement coffee tables will provide a spot to collect lasting memories this warm season.


At Hunter Home, we're not just about furniture – we're about creating spaces where memories are made. Your outdoor area isn't just a backyard, it's your personal playground. And with Hunter Home, it's a place where fun meets function. So, let's get your outdoor zone sorted – the Kiwi way!