Exploring Timeless Artistry: The dBodhi Collection, Exclusively at Hunter Home

All the way from Indonesia, discover what makes our exclusive dBodhi range so unique.

You might already know that we take immense pride in curating a world-class range of lounge pieces. But that's not all; our fantastic occasional and dining collections are designed to enchant your guests and elevate the feel of any setting.

At the heart of our extraordinary collections lies the dBodhi range – a true gem in our selection. Crafted with timeless artistry and utmost care, these exquisite pieces of furniture are exclusive to Hunter Home. Join us as we explore the world of dBodhi and discover the secrets to seamlessly incorporating this artisanal collection into your home.

What are its origins and how did dBodhi become part of the Hunter Home family of products?

dBodhi embodies eco-friendly furniture, hailing all the way from Indonesia. It's a fusion of stunning design, sustainable materials, and practical form. The use of reclaimed wood and organic materials, crafted with time-honoured Javanese traditions, grants these pieces an allure that's simply unmatched.

We’ve thoughtfully curated the dBodhi collection that embodies refinement and simplicity. These remarkable pieces effortlessly blend into any interior, whether it's modern, traditional, or sporting a retro look. The dining and occasional selections, in particular, boast a remarkable versatility that suits most interiors beautifully. 

Who are the makers and craftspeople behind dBodhi?

The visionary behind dBodhi, Raymond Davis, actually started as a florist in the Netherlands. In the 2000s, he began to grow bored with the floral business and moved to Indonesia (as you do). 

In 2007, he embarked on a bike journey to Yogyakarta, and he discovered an opportunity to bring the beauty of Java and his Yogyakarta surroundings to the furniture world. His aim was to showcase the beauty of crafting furniture from durable, recycled materials, proving that sustainability and sophistication can go hand in hand. At the moment, dBodhi boasts a dynamic team of 350 people, with over 200 exceptionally skilled craftsmen contributing to its success.

The heart of dBodhi lies in its commitment to reclaimed wood, requiring a human touch and specific handmade processes. This has led dBodhi to adopt semi-manual production machinery, a conscious choice that reduces pollution and preserves our environment.

The distinctive dBodhi appearance emerges from the process of repurposing the reclaimed wood. Each piece arrives with its unique shape and history, often featuring nails and remnants of paint. Local artisans painstakingly sand and rework the wood, employing traditional methods that infuse the furniture with unparalleled character and texture. This exceptional craftsmanship results in textures and nuances that simply cannot be replicated by using new timber.

What are the materials used in the dBodhi range?

We can start with the remarkable coconut tree, referred to as the "tree of life." Javanese crafters harness the robust middle of the palm leaves, carefully dried and spun together with yarn on traditional looms. It's a painstaking process involving the selection of the finest coconut palm leaves. The craftsmen interlace the thin twigs with yarn using the manually operated looms, demanding precision and dedication to achieve the impeccable weaving technique.

Reclaimed teak wood also has a focus in dBodhi's creations. Sourced from century-old houses nestled in remote East Java villages, these mature trees undergo an elaborate transformation, as they are repurposed and crafted into exquisite new pieces of furniture. Upon receiving the wooden slats in varied sizes and conditions, complete with original nails and paint, artisans meticulously hand-sort, sand, and rework each piece. The result is wood imbued with character, boasting unique and elegant textures that can never be imitated, replicated, or replaced by freshly cut wood.

dBodhi's commitment to sustainability extends to other organic materials, such as the exceptional handwoven abaca fibre from the banana tree. Revered as one of the world’s strongest natural fibres, abaca is sourced by cutting down the mature plant after blossoming. The fibre-bearing stalk is then processed into strips, carefully scraped to remove any pulp. After thorough washing and drying, skilled craftsmen employ traditional techniques to braid or hand weave the fibres, giving rise to exquisite and environmentally-friendly creations of unmatched quality.

The dBodhi collection stands as a testament to the artistry and eco-consciousness that define our collection, offering you truly exceptional and sustainable pieces for your home.

What defines the design essence of dBodhi? 

Craftsmanship, a harmonious connection with nature, bringing the allure of the outdoors inside, and an ingenious use of material. It’s a simple refined essence, with a story behind it, creating valuable, impressive artisanal pieces that are made to last. But it’s important to remember, while there is harmony in the style and meaning behind dBodhi, each piece will be wonderfully unique due to the organic and reclaimed handcrafted materials. 

dBodhi Karma Cabinet

How can you incorporate aspects of the collection into your current interior?

Refreshing the look and feel of your space doesn't demand an overhaul of all your existing furniture. The dBodhi collection offers an array of stunning furniture pieces that can readily enhance and accentuate your interior. Incorporating reclaimed teak wood and other organic materials like abaca, rattan, and coco will infuse a delightful natural ambiance into your home. You can easily incorporate dBodhi pieces with other occasional or dining furniture from the rest of our range, such as the Beach House Chair.

Consider starting with smaller yet statement-making elements, such as the Karma Cabinets or Coco Coffe Tables. These pieces have the power to harmonize with any design aesthetic, catering to all styles and personalities. No matter your taste, there's a creation that will beautifully complement your home. We love to see what people come up with, and if you need some assistance pairing these great pieces, our friendly Design Services team is always here to help.