Finding the Perfect Pieces: Getting Started on Your Furniture Journey

Furniture can be a bit of a jigsaw. Start with some helpful tips and inspiration for your home in this read. 

Let’s chat about how to get started

Close your eyes and have a think about your home’s interior. If you could start with a blank slate (or perhaps you already are), what direction would you take? For your lounge, what combination of armchairs or 2 and 3 seaters would you need, or maybe would you go for a chaise or modular sofa? What’s more, would you opt for fabric or leather coverings? Would you go for a classic look, maybe Scandi-inspired, or would you attempt a new and innovative style with a reclining sofa (or sofas)? Which coffee tables would you want to complement your sofa? And since we’re talking tables, how would you match this with your dining tables and other sideboards and shelving? When we lay out all these choices, it makes furniture-buying an exciting but daunting task. 

As much as we like to think so, most of us aren’t interior designers and we can’t paint a perfect picture of what it takes for our room to thrive. In fact, it’s more like a jigsaw puzzle for us. We’re going to get that perfect picture in the end, but we’ve got to find the missing pieces and figure out how to fit a few things together first. 

How does Hunter Home help you put together the puzzle?

Well, we’ve got a few suggestions for inspiration that will help get you started. 

Since you’re already here, you’ll know that you can browse our range of unique and affordable pieces on our website. However, when you’re buying furniture, you’re making an investment (a worthy one by our standards) and this often requires a physical touch. Our in-store experience is designed to be an immersive walkthrough that lets you imagine our store as your own home. Our concept stores showcase over 60 settings with different looks and feels that are tailored to kiwi homes. Have a seat, run your hand over the leather or high-quality fabrics, and gather some ideas for what could go together in your home. You can go to our store locator page to plan your visit to your nearest Hunter Home.

Also, if you need a helping hand for furniture styling, our friendly Design Services team is here to help. Whether you're looking to update your living room or completely overhaul your entire home, our Design Services consultants can assess your space and offer tailored advice. The free in-store* (or online) design services includes broad advice on what you need to create a home that suits your style, from help selecting a colour scheme to suggestions on the "right" furniture and accessories for your space. Our team of experienced designers are ready to understand your vision and create a personalised recommendation to suit your space. If this sounds like exactly what you need to create a space you’ll love -  book a free consultation with our Design Services consultants here.

In the meantime, while you’re pondering your visit, let’s talk about some pieces and collections you can check out online to ignite that inner interior designer spark. 

Something new, something due

To minimise the stress of furniture buying, our customers often voice the need to have their furniture ready and in their house as soon as possible. We think that’s fair enough, so we’ve made an in-stock collection. Fairly self-explanatory, these pieces will be ready to go in a flash. And don’t worry, these sofas aren’t just quick to go, they’re top-of-the-line and sporting gorgeous designs for your interior. 

Taking up timelessness

A top tip when picking furniture, particularly couches (which are typically the main compliment collectors of the home), is to make sure they can adapt to several different aesthetics depending on the styling. What you’re into will shift, ebb and flow depending on trends and what life stage you’re in. That’s why we’ve curated the Timeless collection, which is championed by the Demi. 

The top-selling, family-favourite Demi is fully upholstered with soft padded arms, a desirable seat height, appropriately proportioned, and designed with absolute family comfort in mind. Timeless and stylish anywhere, you can put the Demi or any other Timeless sofas in your home amongst existing décor or new pieces and you’ll rest assured knowing it’ll always fit perfectly.

Choosing a dependable style for gatherings

If you’re in need of some dining inspiration, you should be sure to choose something solid and dependable. It goes without saying, but hard furniture like dining tables are expected to suffer a lot of wear and tear from late-night gatherings to early morning brekkies. If you fancy yourself as someone who likes to cook and entertain, but has a fairly small kitchen, the Trinidad Extension Dining Table - Small is ideal. The option to extend is a perfect solution, but most importantly, it looks good both ways. The neutrality of the styles also means it’ll work perfectly with any collection of cutlery and dinner plates.

Something that’s Powered for You

When restyling a room, we often hear people throw around the phrase ‘we need to give this room some energy’. What better way to do that than to literally put powered sofas in your lounge? Our sofas still put comfort above all else, but our reclining technology ensures that our models will do all the adjusting for you. Take back the power and have a look at our collection here.

Judge a sofa by its cover(ing)

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but you certainly can with a sofa. An important consideration for any future sofa shopper is the piece’s covering. Not just the look and colour of the covering, but the material, feel and performance of it as well. 

With this in mind, our fabric and leather coverings are made to be judged to the highest standard. When choosing from our high-quality coverings, you’ll need to take into consideration pricing, personal style, and how it may fit other pieces in your home. For more help on how to choose the right covering for you, visit our Coverings page here.

Collecting ourselves…

We know that a good collection inspires and initiates the first steps of a furniture journey. So we’ve curated our variety of styles to defy any sense of genericness. Our series of collections are made so that each person can find something to suit their style. With a little help from our free in-house design services, it’s easy to start to see how different pieces could work in your own personal space and with your own personal sense of aesthetics. 

So if you’re at the start of your journey or just trying to add those final touches, you can trust us to make sure you finish with a home décor you’ll love.

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